Technical Program

Conference Mobile App

The conference mobile App is available now. The App to download is called "EventBoard" that contains the PSE-2015/ESCAPE-25 conference application. It can be downloaded on Apple, Android and Windows based smart phones. Direct link for download is given below.


  1. Get the eventboard app either from the above links or by searching for "Eventboard" in your app-store.
  2. Open the eventboard app.
  3. Search through the events and select PSE2015/ESCPAPE25.

Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentation

All regular oral presentation are schedules for 20 minutes including Q&A. The presentation should be given to the local organizers minimum 15 minutes before the sessions starts by USB. It is not allowed to use a personal computer for the presentations . Speaker preview is available for the presenters that need it and should be done minimum half a day before the session starts. Our recommended and supported file formats are *.ppt, *.pptx and *.pdf. Please notify us if you intend to use videos or audio in your presentation.

Poster presentation

The dimension of the poster stands are length: 956 mm and height: 2400 mm. We therefore recommend the authors to prepare their posters on A0 portrait posters. The posters should be put on the stands in the morning and removed by the end of the day. The local organizers will provide you with tape for putting poster on the stands.

Oral highlight + poster presentation

The guidelines for the oral highlight and poster is that they have max. 5 min oral presentation and their presentation must be uploaded before the start of the session. Afterwards, a poster is presented with the guidelines given above.

Proceedings Volume (Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, Volume 37, 2015)

To check the contents of the proceedings volume and your papers, please follow this [Link].

To cite papers from the proceedings, please use the following format: Authors, Paper title, Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, Vol 37, page start-page end, 2015

Scientific Program

Scientific Program: Overview

An overview of the scientific program can be accessed [Here]

Scientific Program: Detailed

A detailed scientific program can be accessed [Here]

Please note the following:

  • It is possible that there are still errors - if you find any, please notify us immediately;
  • This version corresponds to the one sent for printing; future changes will be marked on this version and the APPS only;
  • At this stage oral presentations cannot be moved around;
  • Each oral presentation is 20 mins including Q/A;
  • Each oral highlight is 5 mins + poster presentations;
  • Posters should be put-up in the morning and removed before 6pm every day.

Symposium Structure

New developments in the application of computing and systems technology to chemical and biochemical engineering problems through the following topical areas:

  • Modelling, numerical analysis and simulation
  • Mathematical programming (optimization)
  • Cyber-infrastructure, informatics and intelligent systems
  • Process and product synthesis/design
  • Process dynamics, control and monitoring
  • Abnormal events management and process safety
  • Plant operations, integration, planning/scheduling and supply chain
  • Enterprise-wide management and technology-driven policy making
  • Domain applications (molecular, biological, pharmaceutical, food, energy, and environmental systems engineering)

Also, papers on emerging new areas and topics not covered above would be welcome. A special session on education with participation from EURECHA and CAChE will be organized.
Plenary and keynote lectures discussing real world challenges (globalization, energy, environment, health) as well as contributing to the discussions on the widening scope of PSE/CAPE versus the consolidation of the core topics of PSE/CAPE will be presented by speakers from industry and academia.

  • The Technical program will have plenary lectures, invited keynote lectures, contributed oral presentations and contributed poster presentations
  • There will be special 1-day workshops on selected topics

Registration and Abstract Submission

The call for papers is now open. Follow this link to access the submission and registration portal. We encourage submission of papers from areas of PSE and CAPE, with emphasis on the following conference sessions:

  • T-0: PSE-CAPE and Education
  • T-1: Modelling, Numerical Analysis and Simulation
  • T-2: Mathematical Programming (Optimization)
  • T-3: Cyber-Infrastructure, Informatics and Intelligent Systems
  • T-4: Process and Product Synthesis-Design
  • T-5: Process Dynamics, Control and Monitoring
  • T-6: Abnormal Events Management and Process Safety,
  • T-7: Plant Operations, Integration, Planning /Scheduling and Supply Chain
  • T-8: Enterprise-wide Management and Technology-driven Policy Making
  • T- : Domain Application:
    • T-9.1: Molecular Systems Engineering
    • T-9.2: Biological Systems Engineering
    • T-9.3: Pharmaceutical Systems Engineering
    • T-9.4: Food Systems Engineering
    • T-9.5: Energy Systems Engineering
    • T-9.6: Environmental Systems Engineering
  • S- : Special Session:
    • S-1: Planning/Scheduling plus control
    • S-2: Intelligent Systems and Control
    • S-3: Sustainable Process Control
    • S-4: PSE Methods and Tools for the Industry
    • S-5: Challenges from the Pharma Sector
  • K-1: Keynote Lectures
  • P-1: Plenary Lectures

For instructions for user registration and paper submission please click here.